本來以為在明年3月可以嘗鮮的Java 9卻要延遲了,據外媒報道,甲骨文宣布原定于2017年3月推出的Java 9將再延至2017年7月發布,主要原因是Java 9內置的模組化架構Jigsaw需要更長的時間來開發。

  甲骨文Java平臺的架構師Mark Reinhold在OpenJDK的郵件列表中提到了這個新的發布日期

  Despite this progress, at this point it’s clear that Jigsaw needs more time. We recently received critical feedback that motivated a redesign of the module system’s package-export feature [5], without which we’d have failed to achieve one of our main goals. There are, beyond that, still many open design issues [6], which will take time to work through. Looking at the release as a whole, the number of open bugs that are new in JDK 9 is quite a bit larger than it was at this point in JDK 8. The maintainers of many popular projects are now actively testing against the JDK 9 EA builds [7], but we’d like to see even more in order to be confident that potential issues have been found and reported. For these reasons I hereby propose a four-month extension of the JDK 9 schedule, moving the General Availability (GA) milestone to July 2017.

  Mark Reinhold稱,由于收到使用者反饋,需要重新設計模組化架構Jigsaw中的Package-Export功能,更重要的是Java 9中還存在大量安全漏洞和Bug需要修復。

  據悉,模組化架構Jigsaw將成為Java 9的核心功能,甲骨文也證實將會在Java9中新增新命令行工具Jshell、支持HTTP/2與新增多項API等。另外于今年1月推出的JDK9早期試用版不再支持Java瀏覽器外掛。


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